We have been developing a number of accessories for our yurts. Over time we will be introducing many of the items we have been using in our own adventures. Here are some things we have been working on:
  • Integrated LED lighting systems
  • Lightweight solar power stations
  • shelving and storage solutions
  • Packable yurt furnishings

Portable Wood Stove
We offer an outstanding wood stove from the Four Dog Stove Company in Minnesota. We have evaluated many wood stoves and this is by far the best available. It is an airtight stove that is solidly built. The "Two Dog" model measures 11x11x18, and is the perfect size for our 13 foot yurt. The internal baffle allows for cooking, and makes it much more efficent. You can find out more details about the stoves here.

Stove with side shelf, collapsible stove pipe and damper: $217
3.5 gallon stainless water heater: $95

We think a wood stove is a necessity in a yurt. It is the key to controlling moisture, and provides a tremendous amount of comfort and utility. We are now including a fireproof "stove jack" as a standard feature on our yurts.

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